A new approach to communal wireless networks

In Australia the process of getting internet connected when moving into a new home or building can be very stressful. There is often connection fees, phone lines you don’t want/need and long waiting periods. We strongly believe it shouldn’t be that hard and designed Rocket WIFI to provide instant, fast, flexible and easy to use internet at low cost.

We have designed our system to be truly innovative in it’s flexibility to the customer. This means that you can freely use Rocket WIFI for Apple TV, Smart TVs and basically any wireless capable device. You as the customer have complete control and visibility over what devices can use your account as well as your data usage from the customer portal.

Our customer portal has been designed with the needs of the customer in mind and we think you will love how easy it is to get online right away and manage your account from anywhere.

5 – 10  simultaneous logons per account

Need more? let us know maybe we can help

Rocket WIFI aims to be the last internet solution you will ever need, once you have an account made with us you can use up to 10 devices online at the same time on the same account. There is generally no need for a shared apartment to have more than one internet account with Rocket WIFI. We even have a way to tailor to users where WIFI is not possible.

Not a traditional hotspot

Rocket WIFI is a complete residential internet solution

Most traditional communal wireless networks and hotspots have the same limitations and problems for the end users. They work great for short term visitors but not so well in longer use cases. Nobody enjoys re-entering their details into annoying logon screens uncountable times, and what if your device has wireless but no web browser for entering your account information? These are just some of the use cases that Rocket WIFI is better than other communal wireless systems.

No pop up advertisements or surveys

We won’t spam you with marketing material.

Once you are logged in with your Rocket WIFI account you will not have to click through annoying surveys or click past advertising material to get online. We reserve the right to display important non marketing related material should we urgently need to do so.