Rocket WIFI apartment building WIFI system, provides a building wide WIFI solution.

For new Buildings this is intergrated into every room at the communications point of the apartment.

For older buildings, this is via the common area (Halls and common space) of the apartment building.

This allows access from just about anywhere in the apartment building, from the roof to undergound carpark. With fast internet access almost anywehre in the apartment building, including common areas, it provides a easy to use, wire free internet experience.

Our latest new in room WIFI system also has the ability to conenct via ehternet cables to the WIFI Access point, providing increased functionality, speed and access.

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Once your account has been setup, you can then add device MAC addresses to your account for devices which do not support captive portal sign on, like TV, Game consoles and the like.

Providing access to the internet with out wires or contracts, on a month to month solution. You can start a new account once you arrice onsite, then upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime, which is perfect for leased property, school holidays if you need a little extra data for the month.

 low cost access
 no contracts
add non captive devices to your account
Easy to sign up

low and high volume monthly plans
easy to use
Secure Network
High speed fixed wireless access internet.